What is a Mindful Shopper®

A Mindful Shopper® is an ‘undercover assessor’ a secret shopper who provides objective feedback on a Client’s Customer experience. The feedback serves to improve service delivery in a constructive manner.


Are you honest, accurate, reliable, computer literate, Internet-connected, able to complete an online questionnaire in English?

  • Do you have attention to detail?
  • Are you delighted and excited by good service and frustrated by bad service?
  • Are you willing to contribute in a constructive way to the improvement of service delivery in South Africa (all provinces) and Southern Africa?
  • Are you willing to take some time to prepare yourself for your Mindful Shopper visit by reading through the questionnaire and visit brief (guidelines)?
  • Will you be committed to complete the questionnaire online as soon as you have finished your visit (not allowed to do so in the store as staff will spot you)?

We can even help you assess your campaign’s return using KPI metrics related to previous advertising activity, quarter-on-quarter comparison and how the campaign has influenced or benefitted from simultaneous marketing activities.

By joining our Mindful Shopper® Programme you can provide accurate feedback on our Clients’ experiences AND you can get reimbursed for your shop (up to a maximum amount!).

You may not be connected to our Clients or their competition in any way.

For more information Download “How It Works” & “Frequently Asked Questions

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